here we are. are we here? we are here.

—Catch A Tiger

Here’s a weird one… I recommend good headphones or speakers… SUBS!!! Dialogue from the excellent movie My Dinner With Andre… 


—Promise Not To Believe What This Song Says Until...

It helps to see the Goldsmith’s kind face

Before he rolls up his sleeves

And starts pumping the bellows and cleans off

His wire brush and other tools

Then eyeing you like he knows how much 

This is gonna hurt to make you perfect


How do you make something perfect?

This brings up many questions bout the 

Meaning of perfection

Sometimes I think I have an answer

Then it’s gone

They say pain to gain

But I wonder just the same

What if pleasure is the 

Quickest way to change

What if we made a promise

Not to believe what this song says 

Until we’ve tried our hardest 

To see if it’s true or dishonest to us.


#dailyhafiz (plus my questions and comments)… 1863 song to follow shortly

#dailyhafiz (plus my questions and comments)… 1863 song to follow shortly

Graduating… like… a … boss.

Graduating… like… a … boss.


—What Happens In The Heart (Can Never Be Undone)

I never stopped loving you know it’s true

But too many choices make choice hard to do

So I took a chance that our moment was through

But I never stopped loving you.

You wrote a song I remember the tune

But I can’t remember the words that you used

Oh what a shame when a memory you lose

But I never stopped loving you.

Careful what you choose

When you are confused

You may not approve

Of what comes through to you.

How many times can a heart move its home

Before it is missing a part of the whole?

How many times can a love you have lost 

Show you a love of your own?

You know what to do

When you are confused 

Take a look around

Love what you have found.

What about this song? Doesn’t it cut you like a knife?

What about your dreams? Don’t they get you through the night?

You and I remember what it felt like to be loved…

And what happens in the heart can never be undone. 

What happens in the heart can never be undone.  


—Your Ability To Love

#dailyhafiz… Quick song to follow (Taken with Instagram)

#dailyhafiz… Quick song to follow (Taken with Instagram)


—The Scent of Light


—A Mess Can All Get Cleaned Up

I threw away a flower
I asked to be alone
I woke up with the feeling that I wanted to go home

I turned my phone to silent 
I wandered down the road
I ran into an island that I thought could be my own

What a strange position to take…

I heard the sound of laughter
I knew that It was close
I almost had to ask if it was coming from my throat

I tried to phone disaster 
To tell it not to come
I didn’t get an answer till the moon shut out the sun

What a strange familiar sight it was
Like a sign that something had begun

What a mess we’ve made out of love
But a mess can all get cleaned up