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happy thanksgiving eve

Hello All… Happy Wednesday.  Happy almost Thanksgiving… 

Thank you MOG for letting me stream this Jazz at Massey Hall album by The Quintet. 

Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Bud Powell, Max Roach, and Charlie Mingus… 


You know it’s a good jazz record when every player on it is an epic solo name in their own right.  

So… just wanted to give some thanks here in general for everything… Feeling extra grateful lately. My time off from the band in the last year has been incredible… such a blessing to be able to step away from the lifestyle that the guys and I have shared since we were 12 years old and experience life from a different perspective. I’ve never felt more appreciative of all the people all around the world who have been a part of our lives… and I’m super excited to be coming back for the next album… We’re gonna start writing together soon and then even tho I won’t be playing live on the rest of the Overexposed tours, I will be in the studio whenever we start recording for the next album… 

And in the meantime I’m continuing my studies of piano and guitar and composition and more excited and inspired by music than ever before. 

I’m also very excited to be building a website for my 1863 side project… Fun. 

Also, one thing I’ve seen lately on twitter that I wanted to clarify was some quote that was being retweeted about how I was taking time off from the band to study “spiritual” things, and… I don’t have a problem with that word… but I don’t remember saying that… I did study some massage and craniosacral bodywork stuff earlier in my break and I think I said I was going to be focusing on the “healing arts” and maybe that got interpreted as spiritual stuff… I only mention it because I don’t want anyone to think that I think there is some separate realm of life that is sacred and spiritual and that I needed to take time off from the wordly realm to be able to explore that realm… I think that if there is any such thing as a spiritual realm it is everywhere and in everything… 

So… that’s that… I LOVE you guys and I’m super stoked to be alive right now with y’all and a part of these crazy & beautiful times.


See you soon, 



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