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Hey Everyone… happy sunday! Here’s a great post from my sister Annie. She’s passionate. I trust her. Peace!


I encourage you to all go see an amazing new documentary that i just
saw last night. It’s called Chasing Ice, and it that tracks the
movement of glaciers form 2005 to 2012.  It just won best
cinematography at the Sundance Festival.  And it is just making its
opening rounds in cities across America.

you can watch the trailer here:

Haunting, and beautiful images of this historic moment in time, when
the human-induced alteration of our atmosphere is changing our planet
right before our eyes.  My favorite quote from the documentary is when
the photographer James Balog says, ‘when my children ask me, what did
you do when you knew that climate change was happening, and that we
could stop it… I want to be able to say I did everything I could.’

If you want to do something to be part of the solution, but don’t know
where to start, I recommend signing up with a group called 350.org
(www.350.org). 350.org is Bill McKibben’s group, and I know them well,
and think they are the grassroots organization that is doing the most
important movement building around climate change. It’s still not too
late to stave off more catastrophic climate change then what we have
already committed ourselves to.

Thanks for listening :)


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